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The Secret Garden collection, a unique rug design collaboration between Layered and the hyped Danish floral collective Poppykalas, is honored with an award at the honorable ELLE Decoration Awards 2020 with the motivation "Colorful happiness from the floral world and a spot-on instinct for trends make these rugs the most wanted interior items of the year."

Färgstark mönstrad ullmatta med blommor rosa orange gul blå


Poppykalas creates interactive and unexpected installations and within the framework of this collaboration, Thilde, Founder and Creative Director of Poppykalas, together with Layered's founder Malin Glemme has created a limited rug collection, sold in selected stores and online.

"I must have created something that people have been missing in their lives - without knowing it. Maybe there is something about the aesthetic universe and the color palette that flowers give, that speaks to the mind and soul" says Thilde Maria Kristensen, Founder of Poppykalas.

The rugs are handmade in natural materials such as wool and Tencel, and the inspiration behind the design is as the name implies:
A secret garden full of organic colors and shapes.

"It's fantastic to see that people are ready to take steps to dare a little more in their decor and in their homes," says Malin Glemme, founder of Layered. "I was sure this would be a fantastic design collaboration, but the reception has been overwhelming."

Färgstark mönstrad ullmatta med blommor lila orange gul blå

How do you see the interior trends evolving going forward, and what role does The Secret Garden play in this context?

"I think the response from The Secret Garden is a sign that we are moving away from the wear-and-tear mentality, and are now moving towards a more long-term and sustainable view of interior design, where each object is valued higher. We sell out the collection as soon as we get new in stock, and it's fantastic that customers are prepared to wait a long time for something they really want."

Where does your inspiration come from, and how was Poppykalas created in the first place?

Thilde Maria Kristensen, founder of Poppykalas:

" The creativity and the love for flowers come from my grandmother but I created my floral studio after becoming a mother. I wanted a job that gave me more joy and freedom to be with my daughters Sonja and Iris.”

“My grandmother painted floral wallpapers with oil in a special 3D technique where the flowers came out of the walls. Her yard in Danish Thy was like Pippi Longstocking's house, where everything was done;  painting on the walls and floral décor created directly on the floors. The house was surrounded by poppy flowers, and it was also her favorite one of all flowers."



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